Ringbrothers shows 1965-66 Mustang fastback carbon fiber body

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We covered one of Ringbrothers' more extreme SEMA builds yesterday, the De Tomaso Pantera-based ADRNLN, but if that well-executed but over-the-top Italian-American exotic is too much for you, then perhaps this Ring Brothers 1965 Ford Mustang fastback with a carbon-fiber body suits your tastes better.

What the performance-parts manufacturer is showcasing with the Mustang is the carbon-fiber body itself, which is fashioned around the 1965-66 fastback. It can be bought from the company and bonded to the skin and unibody as a do-it-yourself project, or you can take your Mustang to Ringbrothers and have the body installed there. The fenders, doors and quarter panels are two-inches wider than stock, and Ringbrothers offers a custom widebody chassis to those who want the complete package.

The show car looks sharp in person lowered on HRE wheels, and we appreciate the bare front end so we can see the supercharged V8 and front coilover suspension, though the details on those performance upgrades are slim. Also note the custom independent rear suspension setup at the rear.

Check out Ringbrothers' description of the carbon-fiber body below, and check out the high-res photo gallery above.
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Ring Brothers Carbon-Fiber Mustang Fastback Body:
- Complete carbon fiber 1965-1966 fastback body panels
- Superior quality carbon fiber with vacuum infused epoxy resins to create the best fiber-to-resin ratio and a lighter, stronger, faster car
- Fenders, doors and quarter panels are widened 2-inches per side
- Carbon fiber shell can be bonded to your original skin and unibody
- Sold as body panels for a do-it-yourself project or can be a complete build by Ring Brothers
- Custom widebody chassis is available

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