Each time is like the first time. That's the challenge – read: opportunity – that Nissan has whenever it brings the all-electric Leaf to a new market. For the EV's South African debut, the local Nissan arm decided that humor would be the best way to teach people about the new car with the new powertain.

The gist of the two-minute ad, which you can watch below, is – spoiler alert – that a woman drives up in her Leaf and blithely walks into the store while asking the full-service attendants to just fill 'er up. Hidden cameras capture the confused workers as they try to find a place to stick the gas (sorry, petrol) pump. Just as they're about to flood the plug with fuel, she rushes back into the frame to tell them, Allen Funt-style, that they're dealing with an EV. Everyone laughs and South Africa takes one more step towards an oil-free future. Or Nissan makes another sale. Or something. Whatever the end result, it's a cute little commercial.

This isn't the first time an automaker has set a plug-in vehicle ad at a gas station. Take a trip down memory lane with these two Chevy Volt ads where people are shocked, just shocked, that the EV would deign stop at a gas station.

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