Omaha Woman Learns Her Car of Six Years Is Stolen

When Nebraska state troopers came knocking on Jill Matthews' door, she never expected they'd walk away with the car she'd spent six years making payments on.

A multi-state car theft scam traced back to an Illinois used-car dealer resulted in hundreds of stolen cars sold across the country through used car dealers.

Matthews bought her 2008 Mazda6 from Car Nation, a used car dealers chain which had purchased the car at an auction, according to local TV station KETV-7. Her Mazda can be traced back to Illinois used-car dealer Charles Swisher, who has been charged with running a stolen car scam. By falsifying VINs, titles and CarFax reports he was allegedly able to sell over 200 stolen vehicles across the country.

"I'm sure I'll get to the anger stage, but for now I'm just really worried about what's going to happen" Mathews told KETV-7.

Matthews' car has been impounded as evidence in the impending trial against Swisher. The car will either go to the insurance company or the original owner who holds the real title for the car.

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