Formula One fans in North America were justifiably excited when the FIA published its provisional calendar for next season. Not only did it include the perennial Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal and the (still new) US Grand Prix in Austin, but also races in both New Jersey and Mexico. But a lot can change in between the provisional calendar and the finalized one. And the latest reports from the F1 circuit indicate that both the grands prix in Jersey and Mexico might not make the cut.

The issue apparently comes down to readiness, and neither of the tracks being prepared for the races in question are expected to be ready in time to host the expansion races. The problems with the Jersey track have been off and on for some time now, but the construction of the pits and paddock complex in Mexico has apparently faced more setbacks than expected.

As a result, we could be looking at a 20-race calendar next season, which most of the teams agree is the maximum they could accommodate, anyway. However, the vacancy could allow for the Indian Grand Prix to continue on for next season instead of sitting it out.

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