Drivers in the state of New York may be able to pick up the pace on the Empire State's roads if a bill from freshman Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda gets passed. Sepulveda submitted a bill that would see speed limits raised from 65 to 75 miles per hour, statewide.

New York would join 16, mostly Western, states in setting its freeway speeds above 70 miles per hour, and it would be the 35th state to kick its speed limit up to 70 mph since 1995, when the national speed limit was repealed. Individual counties would still be able to set lower speed limits, according to The Buffalo News.

It's still too early in the legislative process to tell whether the bill will gain traction with lawmakers, but at the moment, it's lacking a sponsor in the Senate. New York's move comes almost a year to the day of the 85-mph speed limit along Texas' State Highway 130 went into effect.

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