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Strand Craft builds super yachts, and the company also builds supercars as its ships' tender, the SC 122 and SC 166. But in case you don't want (or can't afford) a yacht but love Mustangs and wagons hatchbacks - or perhaps you own one of the company's yachts but want a new tender - Strand Craft says it plans to build a special one-off Mustang, a custom sport wagon based on the Ford Shelby GT500.

Let's be clear, the photo you see here is not of the actual car; the hatch and revised bodywork have been photo-edited in. But it looks slick, and we hope the real thing, which Strand Craft says will be built by a "world-renowned car builder" in Los Angeles, doesn't stray too far from this preview.

Available to purchase in April for an unspecified amount of money, the Shelby wagon will retain the supercharged 5.8-liter V8, but it will be upgraded to make 850 horsepower, 188 hp more than the production version. That should be good for a 0-60 miles-per-hour time of 3.3 seconds, Strand Craft says - with the dog in the back.

The interior will feature Recaro seats and a generous amount of leather - even in the hatch area. A 1,000-Watt, seven-channel audio system by McIntosh will allow the sole owner to bump tunes at ridiculously high volumes while retaining clarity. We hope to see the finished product next April, but in the meantime, feel free to click on the image above for an enlarged view.

Ford Shelby GT500 Information

Ford Shelby GT500

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