We all know the dangers of texting while driving, but what about Google Glass-ing while driving?

California resident Cecelia Abadie became one of the first people to be ticketed for wearing the glasses-mounted display, even though she says the device wasn't powered on.

"A cop just stopped me and gave me a ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving! The exact line says: Driving with Monitor visible to Driver (Google Glass). Is #GoogleGlass ilegal [sic] while driving or is this cop wrong??? Any legal advice is appreciated!! This happened in California," Abadie wrote about the incident on her Google+ page.

Google Glass

According to California Vehicle Code 27602, "A person shall not drive a motor vehicle if a television receiver, a video monitor, or a television or video screen, or any other similar means of visually displaying a television broadcast or video signal that produces entertainment or business applications, is operating and is located in the motor vehicle at a point forward of the back of the driver's seat, or is operating and the monitor, screen, or display is visible to the driver while driving the motor vehicle." While Google Glass hasn't been the target of a police crackdown, distracted driving is a high priority for departments across America.

It is worth noting that, according to the ticket above, Abadie was traveling 80 miles per hour in a 65, which is reason for a citation, Google Glass or not.

UPDATE: The distracted driving charge has been dismissed, according to CNN. Authorities could not prove that the Google Glass device was turned on at the time of the incident.

[Source: Cecilia Abadie, Google+ via Engadget]

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