Petrolicious finds the only Mercedes 300SL to give us salt fever

"Enjoy your toys. Don't worry about breaking them, don't worry about scratching them. Just have fun with them," says the owner of the salt-covered Mercedes-Benz Gullwing. No, it's not a new SLS AMG, but an original 300SL that Bob Sirna bought a year out of college in the early 1980s. Since 2001, it has been repurposed as a Bonneville Salt Flats racecar.

Some people call him crazy for bringing a rare classic worth over a million dollars to the Salt Flats, but, in the Petrolicious video, we don't see a collector in Sirna as he prepares to make a run in a car he has owned for 29 years. Instead we see the college graduate who just landed his first nice car and intends to use it for what it was made for, albeit with a salty twist: high-speed driving.

Watch the video below to see a Mercedes 300SL Gullwing as you've never seen one before.

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