Cardboard Ecto-1 Halloween costume follows last year's DeLorean

  • Image Credit: RottenKitten Studio
There are parents who take there kids trick-or-treating, and then there are Cooper's parents, who built him the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters with a push cart and put together a costume for him to match it. It only makes sense because last year the toddler rolled around the neighborhood demanding treats behind the wheel of a "custom built" DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future.

While last year's cardboard DeLorean push cart was thought of off-the-cuff, Cooper's parents, Cory and Jeremy, held a brainstorming session this year to recall things they loved as children in the 1980s that could be made into a Halloween costume. That's how they landed on Ghostbusters and the Ecto-1.

The push cart version of the Cadillac-based ghost mobile also is made of cardboard boxes, according to Cooper's parent's website, RottenKitten Studio, but also plastic salsa cups from Mexican take-out, empty soda bottles, LEDs, paint and, of course, a bunch of tape. This Ecto-1 push cart resembles the real one, and Cooper's costume really does tie the whole thing together, especially when he's got the ghost trap ready to throw.

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