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Tesla crash survivor says he's proof Model S is 'safest car ever'

While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is starting to investigate the cause of the Tesla Model S battery fire, the driver of another crashed Model S thinks it's "the safest car on the road hands down." That comes from a Tesla Motors Club forum entry published with a slide show by Treehugger.

The anonymous driver, under the forum user name "jdovi," describes the crash as evidence that the Model S and its lithium ion battery pack saved his life. He wrote:

Yesterday I was in a terrible car accident with my beloved Model S. I was hit by a driver who was talking on her cell phone and blew a red light. I got slammed at full speed while passing through an intersection. I was [lucky] enough to walk away with no broken bones while the person who hit me left in an ambulance.

Treehugger's slideshow has more good information, but it's annoying to click through a bunch of slides just to read a little paragraph on each one. Here's a tip: if you click through to slide number seven, you'll see the totaled Hyundai Elantra that hit the Model S. And slide number eight is just a teaser to read other Treehugger articles.

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