After seeing the Romanian Ghe-O Rescue, we couldn't think of a more ultimate fire truck, but a reader – and volunteer firefighter – from Portugal aimed to prove us wrong. Meet the Jacinto Veiculo Florestal de Combate a Incêndio (VFCI), which translates to Forest Fire Fighting Vehicle.

Jacinto upfits a full range of fire trucks ranging from a Jeep Wrangler up to your typical ladder trucks, but our favorite is the monstrous VFCI. From what we can tell in the company's promotional video, this truck is specially built to fight fires deep in the woods, and is equipped with four-wheel-drive, a 792-gallon water tank, 18,000-pound winch and six-passenger seating including a breathing system. To help best protect the truck and its occupants, Jacinto has wrapped all exposed wiring in fireproof sleeves and installed external cooling sprinklers.

The VFCI featured in the video is based on a Man Truck (owned by Volkswagen), but it sounds like this truck can also be based on the Mercedes Unimog. Check it out, below.

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