Magnum MK5 TeaserMagnum, the Canadian manufacturer of the as-yet unrevealed MK5, has released a video of its new car and, well, it's a strip tease. The vid is a followup to a teaser we published last week, and is part of Magnum's promotions for the car's October 30 reveal, which of course, will be covered here.

As for what's in this video, there isn't a lot to go on. There's a shot of the car's nose, a mirror and an open cockpit, although it's too dark to make it out much detail. Take a look below for the full video and a short press release, and then check back here on October 30 for the complete found of details.
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Magnum MK5 - New video teaser peeks under the cover
The unveiling of Magnum's new lightweight supercar less than a week away.

Montreal, Canada, October 23, 2013

Magnum will be unveiling all the details about its new lightweight supercar on Wednesday October 30, 2013. Tune in as we take the cover completely off the latest Magnum MK5.

About Magnum | A History of Success

Created in 1968, Magnum Cars has made a name for itself in the motorsport world building open-wheel formula cars. Magnum racecars have been driven to success by several different drivers, including Formula 1 legend-to-be Gilles Villeneuve.

For more than four decades, Magnum's expertise has also been applied to developing and fabricating specialized parts for many kinds of vehicles from all levels of racing. With an impeccable reputation for precision work, original founder Jean-Pierre St-Jacques and the Magnum team were highly regarded even by numerous Formula 1 teams, working with the likes of Lotus, AGS, Larousse, Williams, and Renault, to name a few, during the Canadian F1 GP weekends over the years.

Today, Magnum is making a statement with its latest project. With well-rounded and successful race car driver Bruno St-Jacques now at the helm, Magnum is entering a new segment of the specialized automotive world with a strong vision and focus: to offer an awesome driving experience and innovate in the lightweight supercar category using the latest technologies, techniques and material, bold styling and forward thinking mindset to pioneer a refined and innovative driving platform.

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