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2013 Scion FR-SThe future of the Scion brand remains up in the air, with a report from a few weeks back that Toyota dealers with attached Scion franchises could drop the youth-minded brand without penalty, rarely a good sign. That report was contrasted, though, with a story out of Australia that claimed we'd see a four-door sedan based on the splendid FR-S's overseas sibling, the Toyota GT 86. Now, we're hearing that a revised xB, Scion's formerly lovable toaster, is on the way. What gives?

As for the new xB, the news comes from our friends at Edmunds, which cites an unnamed source, who claims a new box-on-wheels should arrive in 2015 as part of potentially larger push for the Japanese sub-brand. Aside from the original xB, which enjoys a strong cult following, and the FR-S, Scion has had fewer home runs than Prince Fielder's post-season.

"In the next two calendar years, we will have a blend of both upgrades to the products we have in the market and at least one new model," according to Scion's vice president, Doug Murtha, who spoke to Edmunds via phone.

As for the FR-S sedan, the source tells Edmunds that car could arrive in early 2016, provided Toyota can get Subaru to play ball. That date would (kind of) fit with Murtha's call of two calendar years. Until then, Murtha indicated that we can expect more special editions and new features to keep the current models fresh, which means we will be seeing more of this. Whatever happens, it seems like it's very much sink or swim for the team at Scion.

Scion xB Information

Scion xB

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