Abandoned 'Zombie Car' Completely Covered in Ivy

An abandoned car covered in ivy that had become a social-media sensation was finally removed from a village in China. The car -- dubbed a "Zombie Car" -- had been sitting in a parking space for more than a year.

After obtaining the license plate number, police towed the blue van away in its overgrown state, as the officers were unable to remove the think wall of vines. The original owner was identified as Wang Ping, according to NBC News. He said he had sold the car to someone else, but could not remember anything about the buyer.

While the sight of a giant metal bush being towed down the street is certainly noteworthy, perhaps the most interesting thing about this story is that abandoned cars in China have become so abundant that the population has given them a name: "Jiangshiche," which translates to "Zombie Car," according to Mirror News.

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