Anyone not satisfied with merely having a mortgage and a car payment, now you can have a payment plan on your plug-in vehicle charging station, too. Granted, this is more for business owners looking to provide publicly available charging stations, but ChargePoint (née Coulomb Technologies) is setting up a financing program for anyone looking to take the plunge.

ChargePoint's Net+ Purchase Plan promises a "preferential interest rate for qualified customers" as well as a no-money-down option and a payment plan that can stretch anywhere from three to seven years. The plan includes installation, service and warranty, and customers have an option of selling their stations back to ChargePoint (we're not sure for how much) at the end of the financing period. ChargePoint is running the program with Key Equipment Finance.

With competitor Ecotality done in, ChargePoint is doing what it can to gobble up the plug-in vehicle charging station market. In fact, one of the company's distributors, National Car Charging, recently starting offering owners of Ecotality's dual-port Blink stations a trade-in credit worth as much as $2,200 for a shiny new ChargePoint CT400 dual-port station. Check out ChargePoint's web page for the purchase plan here.

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