Have you ever wondered what a mini V8 sounds like? Neither had we. But thanks to one man with an old mill and lathe who built one with a 0.48-liter capacity, we're happy to learn that a miniature V8 can still maintain a low-frequency, lopy idle.

Here's the little V8's impressive list of performance parts: alloy block with cast-iron wet cylinder liners, pressurized oil system, drilled crankshaft, tungsten-alloy flywheel, Megasquirt MS2 fuel injection with 24-tooth trigger wheel, a single fuel injector, vernier cam pulleys, and a throttle-position sensor on the throttle butterfly. Gasoline is routed from a jar on the work bench.

The mini V8 sits on a platform while the engine builder opens the throttle via a tiny wheel next to the air scoop. The sound it makes is nice and V8-like at idle, but we have to agree with one of the video's commenters and request that the exhaust system be taken off for the next test run.

Watch the video below and see what you could do with your spare time with some determination and hard work.

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