Look, when you mix rally legend Walter Röhrl and a turbocharged Audi, the accompanying video is almost certainly going to be worth a watch. We're unsure if German television host Barbara Schöneberger knew just what the potent combination of Röhrl and a new Audi S3 would do when placed on a demanding section of track, but the way it's rendered her silent, aside from a few muted squeaks, is amusing all the same.

The two-time WRC champ clearly puts the fear of the car gods into his passenger, as he, seemingly without any effort at all, flings the S3 around the track. Meanwhile, the facial expressions of the television host are all you need to know about how quickly Röhrl is driving. Take a look below for the full video - but don't do what we did and spend the next hour doing nothing but watching old Walter Röhrl videos on YouTube.

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