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Let's get one thing straight - we don't just watch Top Gear for the powerslides or the antics of its three hosts, we watch it for the cars, and the way TG's crack film team makes said cars look. Put in the simplest terms possible, Top Gear has the chops to elevate its reviews a form of art. It's easy to forget when watching the finished product, though, that those gorgeous films wouldn't be possible if it weren't for a car, some cameras and a set.

Knowing that, this video is quite interesting. It's a behind-the-scenes look at TG's review of the McLaren P1, one of the three hybrid hypercars that's burst onto the automotive scene this year. It's for the upcoming season (or series, as our friends in the UK call it) of Top Gear, and will see Jeremy Clarkson tackle the legendary Spa Francorchamps where, naturally, it's raining. The video shows both a blacked-out Mercedes-Benz ML-Class - rather than TG's traditional Range Rover - and a helicopter, attempting to keep up with the black P1.

And while this is behind the scenes, it doesn't seem very official, so don't expect any commentary from Clarkson or the rest of the TG team (although you can hear the Jezza's yammering at the start of the video). As for the car, if you've watched Clarkson's Twitter, you'll have seen, in between his complaints about Americans and having to travel to Belgium, this gem about the new P1:
Scroll down below to have a look at the full video.

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