Banksy's Latest Art Project Goes On The Road

Latest New York City project of British artist depicts animals en route to slaughterhouse

If you didn't know better, it might look like someone's filming a sequel to The Muppets Take Manhattan in this video, which shows a truck filled with loveable creatures being driven around New York City. In reality, this is a much more macabre film, at least for the animals involved.

British artist Banksy, who has recently debuted some of his graffiti on buildings in Brooklyn, took his show on the road over the weekend with this traveling exhibit called "Sirens Of The Lambs" that drives straight through New York's meatpacking district.

On the video, you'll hear various bleatings and see worried faces of cows, sheep, chickens and other livestock ostensibly on their way to the slaughterhouse. You'll also see the reactions of those on the street. Some children run to greet the doomed animals while a baby in a stroller cries at the sight.

Left open to artistic interpretation is whether the child is crying at the fate of his furry friends or because dinner might not be ready.

Banksy is in New York for a month-long 'residency' which has already generated multiple pieces from the artist, including this large, intricate piece on the Lower East Side.

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