Fear not, American ethanol advocates, the world biofuel community is taking a stand. The Renewable Fuels Association, the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance and the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association are among those crying foul about a recent United Nations report that looks at how biofuels (like corn-based ethanol) impact farming and are potentially a cause for food shortages, Ethanol Producer reports.

In fact, the ethanol folks are insisting that the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on Food Security and Nutrition withdraw their Biofuels and Food Security report that was presented at the UN's annual Committee on World Food Security earlier this week. The advocates say that the study is inaccurate and excludes industry stakeholders. The renewable fuels groups are also accusing the report's writers of being less than transparent when it comes to disclosing how they're getting their research data.

Worldwide, ethanol opponents continue to argue that increased biofuels production is driving up global food prices. Meanwhile, US oil companies are challenging the EPA and its efforts to increase its annual renewable fuel mandate while arguing that a higher, 15-percent ethanol blend (i.e. E15) will cause widespread engine damage.

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