Lexus has had a minor success on its hands with the CT200h, a funky, five-door, sport-luxury hybrid that burst onto the scene in 2011, and managed just over 17,000 US sales in 2012. Worked out to a monthly average, that's nearly 50 percent more units per month than Lexus initially targeted when the car went on sale.

Though it's done well, the CT has been left behind while designers and engineers have reworked the rest of the Lexus lineup, bringing out fully revamped versions of the GS, IS and LS over the past few years. According to a report from Down Under, though, the little CT will get some attention soon.

Speaking to Sean Hanley, boss of Lexus Australia, Aussie site The Motor Report picked up a telling quote about the execs affections for the CT, when he said, "We see the CT200h as our greatest opportunity." Hanley added that a refresh of the CT could happen early in 2014, while a clean-sheet reworking would happen around 2016.

The work needs to be done if Lexus wants to continue playing in an ever fiercer compact luxury market, with competitors from Mini on the low side and the usual suspects Germany – the new Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz CLA and BMW 2 Series – on the high end, getting ready to make life difficult for the hybrid-powered CT. It'll be interesting to see what Lexus does with the next CT. Will it stick with a hybrid powertrain while the rest of the class is gas and diesel, or will it expand beyond the current powerplant? Let us know what you think down in Comments.

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