When it was new in 1969, the Datsun 240Z was a European-style Japanese sportscar. It had a straight six like the E9 BMW 2800CS and styling that somewhat mimicked the Jaguar E-Type, with its sugar-scoop headlamps, long hood and cab-backwards design. At the time, it was a cheaper alternative to those European cars and others like the Porsche 911. Over the years, the Datsun has come into its own, and while it's still cheaper than most of its European contemporaries on the secondhand market, owners like Dave Scholz are now appreciating what makes the 240Z different, as seen in this Petrolicious mini documentary.

Scholz owns a hot-rod 1970 240Z with a naturally aspirated 3.0-liter engine making 300 horsepower, and he's smartly fitted it with an exhaust system that lets him hear every pop and gurgle on the overrun, not to mention the beautiful song the car makes at full throttle.

Be sure to head below to watch the story of Scholz' 240Z, and crank up the volume to listen to its raucous exhaust note.

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