Semi-trucks and their drivers are the lifeblood of our economy, hauling all the goods we use on a daily basis. A group of such truckers have decided to stage a protest against many of the current practices of our government. This weekend, the Ride for the Constitution (formerly called Truckers to Shut Down America) will lead a convoy of trucks to Interstate 495 around Washington, D.C. where they will drive 55 miles per hour taking up all lanes of traffic.

According to USA Today, the group is expecting around 3,000 truckers to participate in the protest that will run from October 11-13. The protest is focused on the government shutdown, the debt ceiling, our politicians and "the corruption that is destroying America," but also trucker-specific issues like fuel prices, wages and regulations. You can check out the Ride for the Constitution website to see what the group is all about, but we'd recommend staying away from I-495 in the D.C. area this weekend.

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