Police Ticket Barbie Jeep Left In Road

Barbie Jeep was ticketed as an abandoned vehicle

Police Ticket Barbie Jeep Left in Road

Turns out, some cops do have a sense of humor.

Police in the Salt Lake City suburb of Cedar Hills ticketed a pink Barbie car with an abandoned-vehicle tag after two sisters left it on the side of a road. The toy car had run out of battery life as 9-year-old Autumn and 7-year-old Barbie -- yes, appropriately named -- drove it around their neighborhood.

Police found it, returned the toy car to the family's driveway, and ticketed the bright pink jeep as an abandoned vehicle.

Their father told CNN he wasn't mad, as he had received his fair share of tickets in the past. Police told ABC News the ticket was all in good fun, just the officer's way of letting resident know that the police are looking out for them.

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