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A New Hampshire grandmother was shot dead by police after a high-speed car chase. Police told NBC that Wendy Lawrence of Canterbury, N.H., took off after a patrolman pulled her over for driving erratically.

When the cop returned to his cruiser to run her license he found it was suspended, and that's when she took off.

Several state troopers were involved in the dangerous chase, which ended with gunfire. Lawrence was hit four times and taken to Elliot Hospital where she was pronounced dead. An autopsy showed she died of a single gunshot wound to the chest. According to The New Hampshire Union Leader the New Hampshire Attorney General is investigating the circumstances of Lawrence's death. Her boyfriend Charles Peter told the paper that Lawrence had had a violent encounter with police and was afraid of them. Court records show Lawrence had a lengthy arrest record, including assault, drunk driving, marijuana possession, and violating of a restraining order. She also took medication for anxiety. Peter told CNN he believes the police acted excessively.

"I don't think we'll ever know the truth," Peter said. "But all I know is I don't have a girlfriend anymore."

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