According to a report in Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, the Aston Martin Cygnet has gone out of production. Although its name means "little swan," it never really got away from being the ugly-yet-seemingly-necessary duckling in the English automaker's lineup. Not for lack of trying, though, with Aston Martin dressing up the Toyota (or Scion) iQ in the finest duds it had at its Gaydon factory in order to disguise the very-un-Aston-like 1.3-liter, 97-horsepower engine and baby-boot styling.

Its two-year run did have some unexpected high points, with demand reportedly outstripping supply for one shining moment and racing royalty Sir Stirling Moss purchasing one for his wife for her birthday. We will also hope the Cygnet successfully served its purpose of raising the brand's average fuel economy so that it can die having at least achieved the beauty of purpose. If any of you regret not having spent about $50,000 on the most confused city car there ever was, we're told a few examples can still be found at dealers.

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