Raw Video: Bra Shaking Police Search Called 'Highly Questionable'

A Florida police officer was suspended for just one day after tape of a controversial traffic stop made national headlines.

Officer Dustin Fetz pulled over Zoe Brugger and her boyfriend Larry Fields on May 21 for a non-working headlight. The pair consented to a search of the vehicle and their persons.

Dash cam video emerged of Fetz asking Brugger to shake out her bra on the side of the road. When nothing fell out he had her do it again.

No drugs were found on either Brugger or Fields, or in their car. Brugger was cited for driving without a valid license. She issued a formal complaint against Fetz on June 5.

Police Chief Lisa Womack gave the officer the daylong suspension after a report from the state attorney's office found while Fetz's actions violated Brugger's constitutional rights, his conduct was not criminal. The FBI concluded no civil rights violations had occurred. The Tampa Tribune reported Fetz will also be required to receive re-training in arrest and search and seizure laws, as well as complete an in depth research project.

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