We've already seen the hero car Ford Mustang and had a sneak peek, but now we've got the first official trailer for Dreamworks' Need for Speed movie. Stop us if you've heard the story before: guy gets double-crossed by rich associate, goes to jail, gets out of jail, seeks revenge. There's your movie.

As far as any commonality with the video game, well, you've got a lot of really fast cars doing what they were designed to do, being chased by a lot of really angry cops – and an Army troop transport chopper – doing what they were designed to do. And that's really the entire point.

When the movie arrives in theaters in March of 2014, it will also give you a chance to see another side of Jesse from Breaking Bad. In fact, you'll get to see both versions of Aaron Paul side-by-side this Sunday when the trailer for NFS debuts on television during the series finale of Breaking Bad. You can check it out a bit earlier on the web below, and it will all make sense. Kind of.

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