DMV Workers Accused Of Helping Test Takers Cheat

Employees at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles were caught accepting bribes in exchange for answers and surrogate test takers, police say. Employees involved in the scandal charged between $15 and $2,500 for pencils with test answers on them. Some test takers were allowed by security officers to leave the test taking area, allowing a surrogate test taker to return and finish the exam in their place.

Bribes were accepted in return for the answers to the commercial driver license test, allowing unqualified and potentially dangerous drivers to drive buses, big rigs, and heavy equipment, WPIX 11 reported.

Two whistleblowers wore wires to catch security guards and associates in the act. The 38-page complaint listed 11 employees across multiple New York boroughs DMV offices. Police have expanded their investigation to even more employees of the DMV. If convicted, the DMV employees involved could face up to 20 years in prison.

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