Nevada now allowing motorcycles to run red lights legally

As of next Tuesday, October 1, motorcyclists, cyclists, moped and tri-wheel riders in Nevada will be legally allowed to run red lights under one condition: there is no other traffic around, and they have waited at the light through two red-light cycles. When light sensors under the road don't detect a two-wheeled vehicle it can leave a rider sitting a light until a car shows up, or the rider will need to dismount and press the "Walk" button to get the light to change. The law was passed in order to provide a more expedient way to deal with the situation.

Nevada isn't the first state to consider and pass such a law. In fact, it's about the tenth state to either have such a law on the books or to be considering it, since Illinois has done it, and so have Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Nebraska.

Unlike some of those other cases, the Nevada police don't appear to be against it but they have said it will be difficult to enforce the two red-light-cycle rule. You can watch the news segment from KSNV on the new law in the video below.

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