In Filmspeed, the latest ad spot for Forza Motorsport 5, what at first seems like a video aided by computer-generated graphics suddenly becomes much cooler when you realize that it was shot with a high-speed video camera on a racetrack - with no help from computer generation - making it the "world's fastest zoetrope," as Rutledge Wood of Top Gear USA fame puts it. A McLaren MP4-12C acts as the camera car with Tanner Foust (also of Top Gear USA fame) at the wheel, and the camera's subject is a series of 680 aluminum boards with Forza 5 game footage (of the McLaren P1, no less) printed on them and lined around a racetrack. Is it just us, or is it getting difficult to tell the difference between computer generation and reality?

The first order of business was to mount a remote-controlled video camera to the McLaren's engine block, complete with a gyro stabilizer. Automotive photo and film guru Jeff Zwart, the video's director, controls camera functions from inside the car while viewing it all on a small screen. We won't spoil the video(s) for you, which you can watch below, but keep in mind that complicated math and perfect execution – including determining the video camera's shutter speed, the MP4-12C's speed and the size of the aluminum boards – was required to produce the video as it was envisioned. Enjoy!

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