Gran Turismo 7 will likely arrive for the Playstation 4 by 2015, according to an interview Polygon had with series producer Kaz Yamauchi. Considering Gran Turismo's history for delays, though, that one- to two-year target needs to be rather flexible. Still, the interview with Yamauchi, which focuses largely on PS3 title Gran Turismo 6, held one more interesting tidbit for those looking for the next-generation of GT titles - Gran Turismo 7 will share its physics engine with GT6, with Yamauchi saying, "They [Playstation 3 and Playstation 4] both have different advantages."

Speaking of Gran Turismo 6, that game is "about 80 percent," according to Yamauchi. Things like the physics engine and steering controls will be tuned up until the game's release, but the core of it, like different game modes, are set. We've already gotten our first, small taste of GT6, and came away plenty impressed. Yamauchi also explained the new mobile aspect of the racer. Gamers will have access to their online community and friends on mobile devices, adding a new level to the game. It's this facet that sounds truly intriguing to us, as it allows you to experience parts of the game without actually playing it.

Yamauchi apparently feels the same way about mobile GT, telling Polygon, "Someday I'd like to try making the game playable on mobile devices, but we're starting out just with community tools for now. Technically it's possible, but it'll be a gradual sort of thing." Just imagine, if you will, playing Gran Turismo 9 on your iPhone 11.

Gran Turismo 6 will hit store shelves on December 6 (your author's birthday, hint hint). Naturally, we'll have a full review of the new game for you as soon as possible.

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