Road safety is not to be taken lightly. Each year, thousands die on American roads, with driver error as a leading cause. Throughout motorized history, one of the prime ways used to curb deaths has been through speed limits. But are today's speed limits too low? We see both sides of the argument, even though we yearn to live in a world where we can go as fast we want (we hear that place is called "Germany"). More importantly, are speed limits set intentionally low so that – *gasp* – municipalities can make money off of ticket revenue?

This video, by Six 7 Films, doesn't advocate for a world without speed limits. Rather, the Vancouver-based film takes a hard look at what it calls artificially low speed limits that exist for no other reason than to line the pockets of insurance companies, governments and fuel media hand-wringers. It also suggests that roads might actually be safer if people were moving a bit more quickly. The spot isn't all doom-and-gloom seriousness, though, as it features a few entertaining pop culture references from Super Troopers, Back To The Future and The Simpsons. Even the inimitable George Carlin makes an appearance. Take a look below at the video, and the let us know what you think about the state of speed limits in Comments.

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