Last week was the fiftieth birthday of race team and exotic manufacturer McLaren. In honor of the momentous occasion, all work stopped, and the guys and gals that build the cars, design the parts and make the tea (it's England, after all) swapped spanners for flute of champagnes and watched as a procession of historic McLaren models drove through company headquarters.

The cars that show up are every bit as cool as you'd expect at a McLaren birthday gala. An M8D Can-Am car, the company's 12C Spider and P1 road cars, and three legendary Formula One cars - the M23 that'll have a starring role in Rush, the incomparable MP4/4 driven by Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost and the MP4-23 that helped Lewis Hamilton capture the 2008 World Drivers' Championship - are all put on display for the team at McLaren to admire. Take a look below for the full video, along with some commentary from some of the people that have made McLaren what it is today.

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