Amy and Corey Waldman were riding a motorcycle down US35 in Ohio, when Ohio Highway Patrol Trooper Jacob Daymon ran into the back of their bike with his police cruiser. The resulting impact, which was caught on the cruiser's dash cam, shows the bike's riders thrown off, with the motorcycle, or parts of it, flying up onto the hood.

Trooper Daymon, for what it's worth, does the right thing by pulling over, turning on his lights and backing up, hopefully in order to block the freeway and aid the Waldmans. According to CBS affiliate WHIO, both riders survived and have been released from the hospital, although Amy Waldman required a emergency helicopter to get her to the local trauma center. Corey Waldman was transported via ambulance. Both rider and passenger were wearing helmets - Ohio law doesn't require helmets for motorcyclists - or this story could have been far more tragic.

The question we have is, how did the incident happen in the first place? You can see at the start of the video both the motorcycle and the police cruiser have their lights on. It's not entirely clear just how fast either vehicle was moving, but the cruiser appeared to close up on the bike at quite a high rate of speed.

Take a look at the full video, posted WHIO, down below. Draw your own conclusions, and let us know what you think about the incident in comments.

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