Pope Francis Gets a New Car

Pope Francis has a new car. Well, new to him. The 20-year-old Renault 4 isn't as luxurious as the limos of the past, and at 190,000 miles its more worn down, but it is in line with Pope Francis' efforts to make the priesthood more humble.

The car was given to the Pope by Father Renzo Zocca. Zocca told the Italian magazine Famiglia Cristiana he was moved to give the Pope his Renault after being inspired by the Pope's efforts to create "a Church for the poor". Pope Francis drove the same type of car in his native Argentina.

The Pope then amazed his bodyguards by taking the keys and driving away, the BBC reported. It's not the first time Pope Francis has rejected luxury. On Tuesday, he stunned reporters by showing up for a meeting in the back of a Ford Focus.

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