Billionaire Publisher Allegedly Totals Single Mom's Car
A single mother was left with a mountain of bills and a totaled car after billionaire New York Daily News publisher Mort Zuckerman struck her Ford Fusion and then drove off.

Zuckerman told police he was driving down Main Street in East Hampton when he "looked away from the road". He veered right and slammed into Charlene Peele's Fusion so hard the car was pushed for several feet. Witnesses told The East Hampton Star he looked at the damage and drove away. Peele was at her job as a manager at Starbucks when the accident occurred.

"The car was totaled, I knew as soon as I saw it," Peele told The New York Post. "They said he left a business card, but it wasn't on my car when I got there. They gave me the card the next day and told me to make sure to call him."

Despite leaving the scene of an accident, Zuckerman was not fined and did not receive a ticket. When Peele contacted Bedford Insurance Brokerage, Zuckerman's insurance agency, they offered her the book value of the car wrecked car: $13,055. Peele explained she still had $17,700 left to pay on the car. They've gone back and forth, but the bottom line is that Peele doesn't have enough money to put down on a new car.

"I have been straightforward and honest, but they are playing me off as an idiot. Five weeks ago, I had a working car. Now I don't, and I have to come up with a down payment for a new one. It's an insult." Peele told The New York Post.

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