We'll be the first to admit that AMC Pacers don't send tingles of excitement down our backs when we see them. Truly an innovative car for its time that fell a bit short on delivery, the Pacer developed a cult following that appreciates its functional funk. It was designed to be as spacious as a full-size car inside and as small and aerodynamic as possible on the outside - function over form doesn't make this thing beautiful.

But no matter how innovative Pacers were, or how valuable they are today, it's hard to imagine somebody would spend $55,000 on restoring one. But that's just what the seller of this 1975 model eBay find did. We wouldn't be surprised if we never found a nicer Pacer.

The seller says the odometer shows a bit over 22,206 miles, but that since the restoration was done it has been driven under 10 miles on and off the trailer going to and coming from concours events. It's not mentioned when the restoration took place, however.

The seller says the car is totally original, though we can't call it that because the seller claims it had a repaint - even if it was in the original Trans Am Red color. Otherwise, if the seller is to be believed, the car is almost original and totally period correct, including the bias-ply tires.

After 16 bids at time of writing, the price has jumped to $7,300, but the reserve hasn't been met. The seller isn't looking to get all the money back from the restoration, however, as the Buy It Now price is set at $17,500.

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