Perpetrating a hit-and-run can be all too easy. You screw up, nobody catches you, you get away with it. But living with the guilt on your conscience can be another matter entirely, especially when the hit you're running away from caused someone's death.

That's what Matthew Cordle apparently felt recently after drunkenly crashing into and killing one Vincent Canzani on June 22, 2013, in Columbus, Ohio. Cordle was apparently returning home from a night on the town when he drove his truck onto the wrong side of Interstate 670 into oncoming traffic and struck Canzani's Jeep. Canzani succumbed to his injuries on the scene. Cordle was advised by attorneys that he could have gotten away with it, but his conscience led him to post a video confession on YouTube instead.

Prosecutors will reportedly indict Cordle for aggravated vehicular homicide with an "alcohol specification," which could, if convicted, put Cordle away for as many as eight years. Cordle was apparently aware of the consequences behind confessing, and did so in order to discourage others from drinking and driving. Scroll down below to see the video confession.

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