2,200-HP Saleen S7 is a goosebump generator on the dyno

What does more than 2,200 horsepower sound like? Any of us could guess that an output that gargantuan doesn't enter the world like a gentle breeze, but putting an actual voice to it could require some imagination. That is, unless you happened to have a video of a ridiculously tuned Saleen S7 going for broke on a dyno run.

We'll admit that, for the most part, this video is just an impressively loud and fun thing to spend a minute and a half watching. But the video does raise a couple of questions, too. First and foremost: an all-wheel-drive S7... what the what? To the best of our understanding, the S7 was always a rear-drive car. Now, the same tuner that has enough cash to give the car this much power might also be wacky enough to hack in an AWD system, it's true. Or, we could just be dealing with user error on the part of the YouTuber. We've heard reports of a new Saleen supercar in the planning, but we doubt this is it.

Anyway, watch some motive majesty below, or fast-forward to about 35 seconds in if you're in a rush.

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