Perhaps you've already watched the World's Greatest Drag Race 3, and after doing so wished the background music and narrator Angus Mackenzie (and his hat) would disappear and let you enjoy the sound of 12 high-performance engines uncorked at the same time for a quarter mile. Well, the people at Motor Trend have granted your wish and published an unplugged version of the drag race. And the sounds the cars make - now that's music to our ears!

The race comes up at the end of the video after an unrelated, in-depth discussion between five Motor Trend editors about why the 12 vehicles finished where they did in the Best Driver's Cars 2013 competition. While you can read about it online or in the magazine, or even watch the full hour-and-seventeen-minute video of the comparison, the discussion here is more of a highlights reel with commentary that is easily digested in a little over 20 minutes.

We included the video below twice, the first of which starts at the drag race. But the whole video is worth watching to get some of the Motor Trend editors' individual opinions on many of the best high-performance automobiles on the market.

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