(reddit, Kidderboots)
There are plenty of pictures of passive-aggressive parking lot notes left under offensive driver's windshield wipers on the Internet.

A positive message is a welcome change. Santa Monica-based Reddit user Kidderboots post this picture of a note left by a stranger on his windshield. Kidderboots, who did not give his real name, had parked on the wrong side of the street on street cleaning day. He expected to find a $50 parking ticket.

Instead of a ticket he found this note. Here's the text:

Saw the parking police roll up about to give your car a ticket. I ran over, pulled out my keys and said "Sorry! I'm right here." She drove off. If you're reading this pass on the karma. If the cops reading this, these aren't the droids you're looking for.

-Citizen of Earth.

Kidderboots already has a plan to paying it forward. Beside the karma points his post gain on the popular site, he plans to gain some real world good karma.

"I just got a roll of quarters and plan to plug some meters for people. Try and help prevent a ticket or two," he wrote.

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