Officials in Alliance, NE have recently voted to accept a pretty special gift. Previously offered for sale with a price tag of $300,000, the batty "Carhenge" landmark has been given to the town that it neighbors, hopefully ensuring its continued status as a going attraction for years to come.

Built in 1987 by one Jim Reinders, Carhenge is an automotive-themed tribute to Stonehenge that has been managed by a non-profit group for more than 20 years. That organization first offered the monument for sale, citing its ability to draw some 80,000 visitors per year. The sale price must have proven difficult to swallow, however, as it now seems that Alliance will take ownership for the cost of maintaining (and doubtlessly insuring) the tourist attraction.

Follow on below for a video describing Carhenge's coolness, with some firsthand accounts of just how mystical the Nebraska attraction can be.

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