It's every race car driver's worst nightmare: Crashing, and then watching your car burst into flames.

That's what happened to race car driver Mike Stofflet when he was driving at the Mahoning Valley Speedway in Lehighton, Pa. Stofflet's in-car camera captured the whole terrifying incident. After his car flipped and skidded on its side, he seems calm at first, but begins to panic when he sees the fuel spouting from the front of the car. His hand moves just in time to avoid contact with a second ominous stream of fuel flowing inside the compartment.

Moments late the camera fills with flames. The fuel ignites as crews flip the car. Stofflet made it out of his straps and out of the car just in time to avoid any injuries. Not only that, but both racer and car were back on the track for the feature race. Autoblog reported Stofflet finished fifth overall.

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