Long is the list of bold electric vehicle designs that have been penned and prototyped over the last few years, only to whither and die on the vine. The Agility Saietta is, perhaps, one of the very boldest and it would be a small lie to say we held out much hope for its future when first it seared our eyeballs. Well, it now appears our presentiments were wrong and this British-born electric motorcycle can be crossed from that aforementioned manifest. The company has made its first delivery.

His first weeks with the bike have resulted in changes to the final drive ratio and throttle map.

Mark Northwood is an early EV adopter, being one of the first in the UK to own a Tesla Roadster. He is now also the first owner of an Agility Saietta R, having taken delivery of a very subtle example with yellow bodywork. In exchange for approximately £13,975.00 ($21,720 US at today's rates) – that's the price listed on its website – Mr. Northwood not only gets to drive the very first production bike from the start-up, he has also been made a "Fleet Leader." This means he is the first of a small group of invited owners that will give feedback to the company, thus aiding its continuing product development. His first few weeks with the bike have already resulted in changes to the final drive ratio as well as the throttle map.

So, does he like his new purchase? We think so. According to the pioneering patron in a published Q&A bit, he finds the sensation of riding electric to be surreal and is no longer interested in riding a gas bike, save for possibly a short-notice, long trip through the countryside. Comparing it to his (now former) BMW F800ST, "... the acceleration just feels sluggish now, and for the city the Saietta R leaves it, and everything else, standing." With a 0-to-60 given as 3.9 seconds, we'd say that sounds about right.

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