We're a little tardy in getting to this, but the engine notes will make up for the delay. When Renault revealed the Twin'Run concept at the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix earlier this Summer, it didn't reveal much of the engine note. This was an appalling shame, since the not-road-legal Renault 5 revival had a mid-mounted, race-tuned Nissan V6 that could soar to a practically unsilenced 7,000 rpm.

A few members of the auto journo cabal have corrected that, Top Gear being one of them by including the Twin'Run in its Speed Week festivities. Calling it "deafening, smelly, brilliant," the verdict of Sam Phillip was that it "makes every car on Top Gear's Speed Week... feel as woolly and distant as a tumble-dried sheep." Them's pointed words when "every other car" includes metal like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series.

You'll can check out Top Gear's run around the Charade Circuit in France below. We've also included a longer clip of the Twin'Run doing some dynamic testing (worth it for the 360-degree-stunt alone), and an in-depth piece from Autoweek Holland.

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