What will they think of next? This is an app called Motor Recall, and if you're at all like us, it's pretty much the equivalent of any nighttime car ride as a kid - see a pair of headlights or taillights, pick out the make, model and if you're lucky/good, the year. Now, the clever folks at Case By Case Studios have turned that time-honored way of surviving a long drive into an app.

Loaded with over 250 different headlight and taillight patterns, players have the choice of either matching the headlights with taillights in a game called Match, or out and out guessing which vehicle is being shown, not surprisingly, called Guess. Players can score points and unlock even rarer vehicles the longer they play. Case By Case is claiming that it will continue to update with new vehicles to keep you guessing, which makes us quite excited for this new game. Could be a great time waster.

Take a look at the demo trailer below. Motor Recall is only available in the Apple App Store, but we'd expect it to arrive on other platforms in the future.

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