Bigger isn't always better. A prototype car from the Korea Advance Institute of Science and Technology, called the Armadillo-T, is the latest in small car design with a space saving feature any urbanite can appreciate: The driver can fold the car in half using a smartphone app. The Armadillo-T uses a stabilizing wheel that pops out from underneath the car. Like an Armadillo, the back of the car then curls forwards and upwards. When folded up, the car is a little less than five and a half feet long.

With a top speed of only 37 miles per hour, the futuristic-looking car isn't much competition for Smart and other subcompact vehicles. But, these cars would be ideal for city drivers where parking space is often at a premium. According to KAIST, three folded Armadillo-Ts can fit into a single parking spot.

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