In a state where many residents are known to do anything to appear younger, General Motors' Cadillac division will also look for the veritable fountain of youth for its ELR extended-range plug-in. Cadillac is counting on California, the state with easily the most cars in the US, on helping to push the brand's reputation away from its cushy-riding, blue-haired past, Plug In Cars says.

The car's performance should help move that process along. While the ELR drivetrain set-up is similar to that of the Chevrolet Volt, the ELR will have 207 horsepower (vs. the Volt's 149) and rides on 20-inch wheels. In fact, Plug In Cars quotes Jeff Parr with Los Angeles' Martin Cadillac as saying that the ELR will "change the brand image."

Of course, that image comes with a large pricetag. While GM hasn't made it official, the ELR is expected to sell for around $65,000, which will buy a few facelifts, even in the Golden State. The first test versions of the ELR rolled of the GM assembly line in May, and plans to start sales in January.

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