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We like to think we can spot a rebodied Pontiac Fiero when we see one, but we have to admit that this Concept 2000 GT eBay find had us scratching our heads for a bit. According to our research, this unusual car isn't one of two General Motors prototypes produced, as the seller claims, nor is it a prototype Ford, as indicated by a couple images included in the ad. It's actually one of a dozen or so cars built in the 1980s based on the Fiero.

The car has a turbocharged V6 and is street legal in the US, according to the seller, and it has amenities such as air conditioning, cruise control, power steering (something the Fiero never had), power windows and a tilt steering wheel. Furthermore, it only has 16,000 miles on the odometer and was kept in a climate-controlled garage under a car cover, the seller says. It should start right up. The seller also listed it as having a six-speed manual transmission, but an interior photo clearly shows an automatic transmission gear selector.

The Concept 2000 GT no doubt is a rare sight, yet we couldn't help but notice that two more have gone up for sale since July – and one is black.

One Autoblog staffer was able to see the Fiero in the kit car after recognizing the side glass, B-pillar and the Fiero emblem on the steering wheel, but otherwise the Concept 2000 GT kit is a pretty good disguise - even if it's not necessarily to everyone's tastes. To us, it looks more like the car from The Wraith, which was based on the Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor that was built to be a high-performance Indy pace car for 1981. We'll take one of those instead.

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